Sergio Gasparella

harpsichordist & conductor

new album released

about Sergio

Polyhedral musician. Harpsichordist and conductor based in Vicenza, specialised in historically informed performance practice.

His repertoire ranges from 16th century instrumental and vocal music to world premieres by composers such as Giovanni Bonato, Alissa Firsova and Markus Schmitt.

He is also interested in creating musical programmes ranging from baroque to contemporary and involving different arts.


Throughout his career, educational activities have always played an important role. His love for teaching has been a stimulus to progress not only in knowledge but also from a psychological and relational point of view.

He is president and artistic director of Crescere in Musica APS, with which he develops musical and educational programmes for students, especially in repertoire where an historically informed performance practice can be explored.

next concerts

19 May
Teatro Olimpico, Bach Johannes Passion, Patrick Ayrton
25 May
villa Ghellini, Concert with CMO and Lucy Briaschi danza
25 May
villa Giusti Suman, Apocryphal Bach
8 Jun
Award Ceremony 11° edition Barbara Cappochin International Biennial Architecture Prize
8 Aug
Ensemble Trifoglio with “Gschrems”